Interactive fitting room

The fitting room under the magnifying glass...

Ready-to-wear shops have developed greatly over the last few years, with the client experience at the heart of retailers’ concerns: atmosphere, dramatisation, flagships, etc. In the new landscape, trying on an item remains an often under-evaluated step along the client’s path. And yet, the time that shoppers spend in the fitting will undeniably influence their decision.

In light of that finding, which is borne out by their experiences in the field, Shop Expert Valley and its members have decided to launch a project to carry out research and development in respect of a new generation of fitting rooms.

The workshop’s work started with gathering together experience-based feedback from Shop Expert Valley businesses, added to by the interview of ready-to-wear retailers as well as a thematic watch and a field study carried out using the tools and methods of sensory design.

That study was carried out with 14 retailers (specialist shopping centres and retailers of ready-to-wear clothing for women, men, and children). The study was carried out using the tools and methods of sensory design and with a panel of 22 volunteer testers (8 men and 14 women, ranging in age from 17 to 60). It enabled identification of the basic elements that influence the perception of fitting rooms or areas.

Chrisalis®, the new generation of fitting room

Chrisalis® has been designed and produced for fitting to be an experience that is rich in meaning and positive for the client. Comfort, space, intimacy, hygiene, atmosphere, social networks, etc.: everything has been thought through to reconstitute a familiar, reassuring environment “just like at home”, right for the act of purchase.

Chrisalis® is a registered trademark.
Shop Expert Valley and its designers deliberately chose a range of equipment and accessories “embarked” on the prototype. However, Chrisalis® is a fitting room that can be marketed on a “tailor-made” basis, and that has fully modular functions.

Chrisalis®, a sensory, innovative fitting room

Chrisalis® is an area that is firmly aimed at the client’s well-being: space; an excellent level of comfort thanks to the fittings; intimacy, hygiene, and cleanliness provided by the materials used; air that is clean and renewed; and ten-fold client enhancement thanks to colours, lights, and large-format, back-lit mirrors.

Chrisalis® can become a “connected” fitting room.
A device that is invisible at first glance enables contactless interactivity with users, who are able to access product information from the fitting room or from the waiting area: sizes and colours available in store, suggestions regarding complementary products, promotional offers, etc.

Or even choosing one’s decor: urban or bucolic, daylight or evening light, sound tracks, etc. Chrisalis® composes an infinite number of atmospheres to be in tune with the identity of the retailer, whilst taking the client deep into the atmosphere of the item being tried on.